VX-Duo 24 Tube Vertical Sunbed Hire

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Our “VX-Duo” Vertical Sunbed, was introduced during summer 2013. It is virtually the same as our top of the range VX240 Vertical Sunbed but with a twist…

The VX-Duo Vertical Sunbed is fitted with “Duo” pink and blue sunbed tubes which give a slightly higher output in the bottom half of the tube to boost the tanning performance for your legs.

The unit has 5 sides including a door and the control panel includes the famous “body-breeze” technology giving you the option of having 3 fans blowing cool air over you while you tan.

Our home hire stand up sunbeds are big enough to give you salon tanning performance, but small enough to fit inside your home.

Why would you want the extra effort of going to the tanning salon, when you can get the same performance in the comfort of your very own home?

Requirements & Features of the VX-Duo Vertical Sunbed:
  • Space required; this VX-Duo sunbed requires a floor space of around 1 metre square.
  • Power requirements are 2 three pin sockets within approximately 8 ft of the sunbed; this can be 1 double socket, or 2 single sockets which could be either side of the room (you cannot plug both power leads into an extension lead due to the risk of overload and overheating of the extension creating a potential fire risk).
  • This VX-Duo sunbed comes fitted with 2 x 10 minute control timers.
  • Warning! While having a sunbed session of any description, either indoor or outdoor tanning, we recommend that you always wear sunbed goggles, if you do not you are risking long term damage to your eyes. We also give you free sunbed goggles upon delivery.

VX-Duo – Sunbed Hire Prices

2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks 6 Weeks 8 Weeks 10 Weeks 12 Weeks
£85 £105 £130 £190 £245 £270 £2995
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