Vibro Plate Hire

Vibro Plates – Lots to gain, without the pain!
  • Home vibro plates are a great way to improve the way you look and feel about yourself.
  • With just a 10 minute session each day you will soon be looking good and feeling great.
  • Power plates have the amazing ability to help get you toned and burning calories and they are there when you need them, no need to go to the gym.
  • Power plates operate at various speeds that you select; different speeds can bring different benefits
  • Lower speeds gently massage away any aches and pains to improve blood flow and increase flexibility.
  • Medium speeds can start to burn away fat and stimulate your muscles.
  • At the higher speed range the vibro plate tones and conditions muscles and can improve bone density, fitness and strength.
  • Some of the main benefits associated with using a vibro plate are normally described as, toning up, suppleness, a gentle massage, weight loss, change in shape, inch loss, improved balance, feeling better.
  • The above benefits combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle will soon have you feeling fabulous again.
Requirements and Features of the Top to Toe Vibro Plate:
  • Our home hire vibro plates require a space of about 2ft x 2ft
  • The power requirement is one 3 pin socket
  • You must not use this machine with bare feet
  • We install and demonstrate all home hire vibro plates
  • Full operating instructions and user guide is supplied with each vibro plate we hire

A full work out on the vibro plate is usually 10 minutes, requiring very little effort from the user, as the machine does the work, this does not cause sweating meaning you can carry on with the rest of your day uninterrupted.

A vibro plate gives your body’s muscles a high speed work out by using the vibrations to stimulate them to contact and relax. Your muscles normally contract once or twice a second, but the vibro plate causes them to contract at a rate of 30 to 50 times a second.

A vibration work out is simply putting your body in different positions to isolate the path the vibrations are travelling, for instance hold different positions like squats, push ups, dips, lunges and body planks to isolate and exercise the various muscle groups.

As long as you use the vibro plate correctly and use it with a few other healthy choices benefits such as tighter skin, reduced cellulite, an increase in strength and mood, and even a lowering of blood pressure can be achieved.

This has to be a good idea considering how cheap they are to hire and easy to accommodate in your home.

Vibro Plate –  Hire Prices

4 Weeks 6 Weeks 8 Weeks 10 Weeks 12 Weeks
 £80  £100 £125 £150  £170
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