How to hire a sunbed from Top to Toe

Please check our Delivery Area before contacting us.

In order to hire a sunbed from Top to Toe, please select which sunbed you would like to hire, check how long you would like to hire it for, check the sunbed hire price, then give us a call on 01388 814710 or you can contact us by email here for further details.

Our experienced sunbed hire team are happy to help you choose a suitable machine and discuss where to place it and how long to hire it for.

Please note that not all sunbeds are immediately available as at certain times of the year we frequently have waiting lists, (this is usually the case during spring and early summer).

When you make a sunbed hire enquiry with us we may not always be able to immediately organise a delivery, as we may need to check availability, and when we will be in your area to deliver it.

Please note that to hire a sunbed from us you must have a landline installed and working at the address where the sunbed is to be delivered. We will also request a mobile phone number as well if available.

To hire a sunbed you must be over 18, and provide us with 2 proofs of I.D. when we arrive to confirm your name and address. Good examples are, a driving licence (full or provisional), a  passport,  a utility bill etc.

Paying for your sunbed hire

To pay for your sunbed hire you have several options, (though please note we do not accept cheques), you can pay Cash on Delivery, or over the phone with your credit or debit card when you order it, or our delivery team can ring our office with your card details when they arrive.

You are expected to pay for the full hire period at the start of the hire period or before delivery.

Extending the Sunbed Hire period

If you have a sunbed on hire from us we will normally ring you 2 to 3 days before the end of the hire period  to ask if you would like to continue the hire of the machine, or if not we will organise with you a suitable time for our team to collect it.

Sometimes we are able to offer a discount at this point depending on machine availability.