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Sunbed Hire

We hire a range of home use sunbeds, we deliver 6 days a week and we give you FREE delivery, FREE sunbed goggles and FREE sunbed cream.

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Sunbed Creams

We stock a range of major brand sunbed creams and goggles, including Australian Gold, Power Tan, Pro Tan, Solaresse, Solartan, Igoggles and Winkease.

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Sunbed Hire Free Weeks! Pay for 4 and get 6 weeks on our VX240 Range Call For Details
Vertical Sunbeds All of our vertical sunbeds have five sides including a door to give you tanning salon performance. You can choose either a 22 tube or 24 tube sunbed Double Sunbeds Double sunbeds have a curved base and canopy for user comfort and improved all over tanning. These machines have 18 tubes plus 4 booster tubes in the canopy. Canopy Sunbeds Foldaway canopy sunbeds have 9 fast tanning sunbed tubes (plus 4 booster tubes) and are easily adjustable for over the bed tanning sessions or even sitting in a chair.