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Sunbed Hire

We hire a range of home use sunbeds, we deliver 6 days a week and we give you FREE delivery, FREE sunbed goggles and FREE sunbed cream.

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Vibro Plates

Lots to gain, without the pain! With just a10 minute work out every day, home hire vibro plates are a great way to improve the way you look and feel.

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Have You Tried Our Latest Vertical Sunbeds? We now have VX 'Duo' and VX 'Inferno' home hire vertical sunbeds for you.
Vertical Sunbeds All of our vertical sunbeds have five sides including a door to give you tanning salon performance. You can choose either a 22 tube or 24 tube sunbed Double Sunbeds Double sunbeds have a curved base and canopy for user comfort and improved all over tanning. These machines have 18 tubes plus 4 booster tubes in the canopy. Canopy Sunbeds Foldaway canopy sunbeds have 9 fast tanning sunbed tubes (plus 4 booster tubes) and are easily adjustable for over the bed tanning sessions or even sitting in a chair.